Elizabeth Cazzell was born on September 6, 1840 in Greenup County, Kentucky and was the third child of John Henry and Almyra Jane Wamsley Cazzell. She died March, 1925 in Seattle, Washington at the home of her son, J. W. Bullock.

The flag flies over Elizabeth's grave at Forest Lawn Cemetery on Memorial Day and Flag Day. She was one of Clara Barton's original nurses and was a spy for the Union Army during the Civil War. She helped the North by carrying messages in her petticoat when she was in her early twenties. She had an eighteen month old baby with her when carrying the messages. Her excuse for traveling was that the baby was sick and she was going home to her parents to care for the baby. She became addicted to morphine while in the service. She was given rehabilitation treatments for the addiction on two occasions, but neither worked. The government furnished her with morphine and a disability check.

She first married John Isiah Bullock when she was very young. Shortly thereafter John went to California with Kit Carson, became ill with tuberculosis, returned home and died. Elizabeth then married John's brother, Sanford Lewis Bullock. According to Census Records and a Cazzell Family Bible Elizabeth and Sanford lived in Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, in 1892.

Contributed by: Grace Keeley-Renz and Sue Keeley-Hicks Great Great Granddaughters of Elizabeth and Sanford Bullock June 2, 2001