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Exerpts from an article written by Mrs. Millie Teague Tims and published in the BOLIVAR BULLETIN, November 10, 1949

Early Bolivar, Hardeman County, Tennessee

BOLIVAR was a rough and ready frontier town in 1830. Settlers were moving in each day buying, giving their notes to cover the mortgage on the merchandise in their establishment or stock on their farm and seeing it foreclosed without mercy or red tape within a year or so, then moving on to Mississippi, to Arkansas, to Texas.

Those were the days when many a man was ruined by going on the bond of his friend or neighbor. And in Bolivar, in 1830, the man who handled those mortgages, notes and foreclosures, as trustee, was ISAIAH FLINN, a gentleman and a scholar who probably was more familiar with ancient Greek and Latin than most of us are with our own language.

He had a close friend, Dr. William G. Teague of Bolivar, and when Isaiah Flinn died in 1838, Dr. Teague settled up his estate, even going over to Holly Springs, Mississippi to see about the small bank account Flinn left there. During the course of the probate, Dr. Teague sold his old friend's clock to Rhoda Flinn.*

Many years went by, the family of Isaiah Flinn was scattered to the four winds, the northern soldiers went through Bolivar and burned the court house; all records in the estate of Isaiah Flinn were destroyed except the record of the little bank account in Holly Springs, and the sale of the little clock to Rhoda.

Rhoda was apparently a Teague and had married John C. Flinn.** A census record showed Rody and John, with Elizabeth, William and Franklin, living with John Teague just before the war but showed none of them in 1870.

Were these Flinns children or grandchildren of old Isaiah Flinn? And what became of them…………….?


*Rhoda (Rhoda Wood Teague) was the wife of Isaiah Flinn who used the spelling Flin until sometime after their marriage.
**Rhoda (wife of Isaiah) was the daughter of John C. Teague. John C. Flinn was the first child born to Isaiah and Rhoda. Elizabeth, William and Franklin were other children of Rhoda and Isaiah.


Descendants of Isaiah Flinn